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Our mission is to be the world's leading training program for the cleaning industry. It's our responsibility as cleaning company owners to keep our employees and customers safe through professional cleaning practices.

How it All Started

We've struggled for years to find a way to systematize our training procedures for new cleaners. Searching for an online video training series for house cleaners never yielded the results we were after.

Of course we have internal staff that could train new hires and that's what we were doing...

However, employees come and go and cleaning styles differ with each trainer. This would lead to inconsistent cleaning techniques which may be fine for a while, but can lead to chaos once you start to scale your cleaning business.

Everyone we spoke to was doing something similar and was in search for more training options not only for themselves, but for their cleaning teams. It was easy to see that cleaning homes and businesses the RIGHT way isn't as easy as many people think. There are many complexities to it, especially if you want to learn to clean professionally and actually produce a profit that sustains your business and your family.

It was clear that something had to be done about this. With everything going on around the world, it's more important than ever to know and understand the details of how to clean effectively.

The only question was then, how were we going to build it?

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Why Don't We Just Build a Training Course?

How hard can it be to record a few employee training videos?

Ding ding ding!

That's when we starting to strategize and come up with the structure. What does it look like to create an entire training series that we would feel good about introducing to our employees and future cleaners?

The more we discussed it, the more our minds began to race. There is SO much more to it than we initially thought!

Yes, everyone needs to know how to scrub a toilet or what to do on a move out clean vs a deep clean, but it's also important to know other things as well.

Like what NOT to mix should you have to mix chemicals!

We knew our work was cut out for us...

Meet Your Instructors

Cristobal Mondragon

After generating $4.5 Million cleaning homes, I can tell you the first place I'd look is your price: Maybe you're priced too low, maybe you're not using promotions effectively, perhaps you don't know how to outsource parts of your business?

If I were to generate you an extra 20% to 30% extra per month on your cleaning company, how would that impact your revenue?

You'll learn a powerful and repeatable marketing strategy to fill your calendar and earn more from your cleaning business than ever before. There’s no excuse for not having a Million-dollar cleaning business.

Together, we can truly create something greater than ourselves. I look forward to what the future holds.

Dalton Ousley

My wife and I knew we wanted to build something great together and that's exactly what we set out to do. The questions became "what to build" and what that would look like. We ultimately decided on starting a cleaning company since it was something both of us were very interested in. Through months of preparation, training, and hiring, we finally launch Caribou Cleaning with more than just a vision.

I also enjoy a good challenge and find myself constantly digging deeper to learn new things that will help me improve as a professional, friend, and leader.

Hyper-focus and discipline are two of my strengths. I'll never be the smartest person in the room but I'm confident that I can outwork most. That said, I believe we are most effective when we work in teams. Team efforts will always prevail over individual contributions in my opinion.


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Meet the Team

As we grow, more people are relying on us to help them succeed. To forge lasting relationships with both our customers and team alike, transparency is key; after all it's what helped us build the company in the first place!

Cristobal Mondragon

Cofounder, Instructor

Dalton Ousley

Cofounder, Instructor

Dana Feria

VA Trainer, Support Specialist

Lujan Migliorini

Content Editor

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